The Environment

The Environment

As a family we are keen to be as green as possible and we try to demonstrate this in a number of ways.

It has always been our dream to bring our family up in the Staffordshire countryside and we are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful garden and amazing views of the valley.

The Hayloft heating system was a very important part of the development and we were keen to find the best solution for heating our home and at the same time be kind to the environment. This was in the shape of a wood pellet boiler, which is carbon neutral and runs on recycled timber products. This heating system gives you hot water 24/7 and also operates your under floor heating.

We recycle tins, glass, plastic, paper and food waste. We have two compost bins situated by our vegetable patch, so please help us to recycle and leave your bottles or papers by your bin so we can recycle them the following morning.

We are also on a water meter, so please help us not to waste water.

Please put your towels out for laundering only if you think it is necessary, otherwise towels are changed for every new guest or every three days.

We use low wattage bulbs where appropriate.

We operate a none smoking policy here at The Hayloft.

We want your stay to be as perfect as possible, so please if you have any suggestions on how we can become greener your input would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Stephen, Jayne, Bea, Maddy and Charlie